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Chinese says that parents worry children, worry up to 99 years old, starting from a child is born, parents start worry. Parents will behave their children by using their own methods, some parents will control children behavior very tightly, punish them by screaming and hitting, but some parents, in contrast, never punish even their children are doing wrongly.


Parents think that their methods are correct, but in opposite, those are all hurting children. Some children would learn their parent hitting people, some cannot judge the right and wrong, and some even cannot take care by themselves. When the children are unhappy, they will not listen to their parents who will think their children are behaving bad, there is no trust in, if dad and mom always fight for how to educate the children, the whole family will become chaos, how can the children be taught well under such kind of situation?!


Educating children need some techniques, children should bring us happiness!


MotherMagic gives parents the techniques and tools that are simple, but will bring you the magic. We base on punishment, reward and games to design whole series of magic tools, so that parents can educate their children in correct way, you can get happiness from your child and the magic will be happened!



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